RISLER S.A. was established in 1973, as a parent Company of RISLER CEREALES S.C.C. grain and related by-products brokerage firm born in 1919. This new venture start selling lubes and solvents, in those years to the newly arrived Edible Oils factories installed in mentioned years around Rosario/San Lorenzo area. Later we began dealing and trading for the inland market with same products and adding Gas Oil to city customers and farms located in around 500 kms from our Rosario Head Office.

From our first RTW (Road Tank Wagon) bought around 1977, today we are running 39 of them, used not only for inland Gas Oil trading, we have some of them moving chemicals, crude and refined edible oils, solvents, and of course bunker products as Marine Gas Oil and Marine Diesel Oil. Later in the nineties we start with Petrol Gas Stations with convenience stores and 24 hours service under one of the local Oil majors, today said business are sold or remains under lettings through another local Oil majors.

But was during the eighties when we start as bunker suppliers, initially to the tugs and barges that were moving iron ore from Brazil or others moving cargoes to and from the vicinity Paraguay, all of them using our Parana River, later we start as physical suppliers with owned RTW’s for an international bunker trader, in 1985 we bought our floor at Buenos Aires, opening said Branch Office and acting at said market as trader, renting barges from the market, it was during 1987 when we bought our first bunker barge. Said barge originally named “980” lately was re-furbished, main engines and auxiliaries up dated with new Cummins engines and re-named MT ADELINA with 1,080 tons of capacity for bunkers. This barge duly classified by local Coast Guards remains suitable for local Oil Majors, and we keep her operating from Campana/Zarate areas to Common Zone and Buenos Aires Port. Was in 1997 when we signed a partnership with our friends of INVERSIONES MARITIMAS UNIVERSALES S.A. of Panama; part of said agreement was the charter party we signed for their MT RIO CISNES, this barge of 820 MT was severely re-furbished with the latest advances in the shipping technology, and under Messrs. Bureau Veritas classification, she is currently under operations at River Plate area; actually she remains suitable for all local Oil Refineries.

Additionally a new barge was launched last 2002, chartered from an Uruguayan Company, we begin with bunker services using the MT MAR CHIQUITA of 860 MT at San Lorenzo and Rosario areas.

Fortunately our customers are bringing us the possibility to keep making more investments in our barges fleet. During next month of April 2004, we are proud to announce, that is expected to be launched a new bunker barge double/double named MT SOFIA, this new one is under construction at a local Shipyard, and construction is under Messrs. Bureau Veritas Class.

Clearly we have obtained a large experience in bunkering at all River Plate and Parana River areas. We are committed to bring a reliable and trustworthy service round the clock. Our daily presence in all the most important Argentinean Ports, make us able to supply all our clients requirements with the requested right quality at very competitive prices. This family-run Company will be proud to remain at your kindly service.